BibleForce Creator, Publisher and Denominational Consultant

Wayne Mckay

Wayne Bio

Wayne typifies the quintessential laid-back Australian Living on Sydney Northern Beaches where he shares his life with his Wife and Children whist running his busy publishing business.

He loves to surf, is a keen runner and believes that keeping fit is the basis of both physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Wayne has been involved with the creation and development of Children’s early learning books since the early 1990’s and is passionate about making learning fun.

Part of this passion has been to help kids creatively understand and get excited about the bible as a cornerstone to living a Christian life into their adult years.

Wayne is particularly enthusiastic about the advancement of faith-based books and has developed a reputation as a lateral denominational thinker to deliver high quality product that has broad market appeal to everyone.

Wayne Mckay - BibleForce Creator and Publisher