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Dive into the action and adventure of the Bible. BibleForce “The First Heroes Bible” retells the scriptures using stunning art and fast paced narrative that children can understand. You and your child can read about Bible heroes together, and the text is simple enough for young ones to read on their own. Children will not want to put this book down.

The First Heroes Bible

About Us

What is BibleForce®?

From Genesis to Revelation, BibleForce is the all action and excitement of God’s truth captured in the pages of a book and made real for readers like you. The journey begins with BibleForce “The First Heroes Bible”. Illustrated like a graphic novel or comic book, the heroes of the Old and New Testament leap to life in action-packed art, while the stories encourage you to dive into the real-life adventures of the Bible. With nearly two hundred amazing and heroic stories, it’s a book that readers will continue to enjoy time and time again!

Jesus Christ - The ultimate Hero and Son of God
Noah - Builder of The Ark & The Last Good Man

About Us

Why BibleForce®?

In addition to BibleForce’s action-packed comic book graphics, these bright colorful illustrations are perfect for families and kids aged 6 to 12. The First Heroes Bible encourages children to begin the journey with God in a meaningful and uncomplicated way. This abridged chronological Bible is both wonderfully written and illustrated by simply depicting the word of God. There are also a lot of fun and interesting facts that outline all of the books of the Bible. Supported by a back story into the origins of the Bible, there’s a meaningful time line of events that help to paint a clear picture of what’s instore before the action begins.


What is a hero?

In today’s world, the word hero gets tossed around a lot and the image that pops into your mind is probably a pretty epic one. Thanks to comic books and movies, you might imagine someone flying around in a cape or an invisible airplane. Or you might picture someone who swoops into impossible situations to save the day with superhuman strength. But in real life heroes are ordinary people just like you. In BibleForce The First Heroes Bible you will see how God also called upon ordinary people to achieve the most amazing things making them the first true heroes. When you put your faith in God you can make a difference. Those caped heroes of your imagination might save lives but as a hero of faith you can help save souls by shining the light of God into the darkness of the world.


Meet the Heroes!
Jesus Christ – The ultimate Hero and Son of God


Noah – Builder of The Ark & The Last Good Man


Joseph – The Dreamer with a Coat


BibleForce Hero Training week 37


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