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The First Heroes Bible

If you thought you knew the Bible then think again! Do you know who the true heroes of the Bible are?

Dive into the action and adventure of the Bible. BibleForce The First Heroes Bible retells the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation using stunning art and fast paced narrative that children can understand. You and your child can read about Bible heroes together, and the text is simple enough for young ones to read on their own. Children won’t want to put this book down.

Key Features

  • Chronological abridged edition of the Bible
  • Over 150 of the most epic stories in the Bible
  • A dramatic art style which brings our heroes to life
  • Hero profiles for key characters
  • Maps and a timeline to set the scene

These are just some of the heroes you will find in this epic book:

Bible Force The First Heroes Bible
Samson kills a Lion

About BibleForce® Heroes

The BibleForce® Heroes were truly the first super-heroes known to man. They were messengers, protectors and representatives for God on earth. They delivered God’s message far and wide so that all could share, learn about and enjoy all things created by God. Our heroes performed great feats including building the great ark, parting the Red Sea, taming lions, walking on water and in one very special case, even rising from the dead! Learn about all of these exciting heroes in the pages of BibleForce® The First Heroes Bible.