About The Creators

Peter Hicks and Wayne McKay have been involved in Christian and Inspirational publishing for more than 30 years.

Though coming from different corners of the globe – Wayne from Sydney, Australia, and Peter from Bath, England – they have been united as long-term advocates for a high-quality graphic Bible, hoping to bring God’s word not just to children but also to young teenagers in an exciting and stimulating way. With its strong design and high visual impact, BibleForce® The First Heroes Bible instantly draws the reader in, offering a great overview of the Bible and acting as a gateway from a children’s Bible to the complete text.

We hope that you’ll be as passionate about BibleForce® as both Wayne and Peter are! They would also like to thank Dan Lynch of Brentwood Press, Nashville, Tennessee for his ongoing belief and support during the development and creation of BibleForce®.

Bibelforce creators Wayne McKay and Peter Hicks