BibleForce is perfect for reluctant readers

BibleForce The First Heroes Bible has been created to bring stories to life with brilliant illustrations that are matched with exciting well written text. BibleForce will encourage readers to engage with each story by igniting their imagination. This Bible also has a free interactive app which includes a read along audio feature that will assist the reader in both understanding the text whilst absorbing each illustrated frame at the same time.

BibleForce Hero Training Week 15

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If you have a reluctant reader or are having trouble getting your child to read their Bible, BibleForce is the way to go!!

I wish I’d had this when my boys were younger, instead I had to rely on the Wimpy Kid books to lure them into read – & it worked but at a price. Now you have the advantage of inspiring your child’s imagination with factual information that will help their spiritual growth and let them have a great time too!

I loved how the graphics were eyecatching and the text simple. I didn’t need to worry whether the kids would understand or read each of the short stories, I knew they could, and that the little ones could remember and follow along even without being read to. Plus, there is something in BibleForce for all ages.