BibleForce® Bible and Devotional reviews

Dive into the action and adventure of BibleForce with complete confidence!
In addition to these ECPA award winning books, BibleForce The First Heroes Bible and The First Heroes Devotional have received critical acclaim from those who know and understand the Bible.

These genuine 5 star reviews from Goodreads, Amazon, Christian, parents & carers and church groups alike, genuinely love these books in the exciting way that BibleForce delivers God’s message.

Amazon: The First Heroes Bible

Jeanette Brook

The pictures are vibrant. The stories are clear. They portray Heavenly Father as an angry and vengeful God, quick to dish out wrath upon his children. This is not at all the Heavenly Father I know. The authors didn’t look very deep into the stories to see the blessings that are bestowed our His children…


Wow! I bought this as a gift for an 8 yr olds baptism. She loves graphic novels and this is right up her alley. I flipped through it before wrapping and it is truly a gem of a book. What a way to share the Bible with children!

Miranda Vorres

This isn’t a straight read through of the bible; it breaks it up into character focuses (foci?). The pictures are really good. We also have the action bible and this is different enough that it is a good companion.

GoodReads : The First Heroes Bible

Kristin Bush

So we got this and first, it is much larger than I expected. And my kids love it because it is formatted like a HUGE comic book which retains the interest of my comic book loving daughter.


I am really impressed with this book! It’s marketed towards kids but I think teenagers and adults would also love it. Graphic novels are very popular right now and what’s better than a graphic novel Bible?


Packed with almost 200 stories from Scripture, and featuring a special focus on the heroes of the Bible, “BibleForce” brings God’s word to life in a truly unique manner. Starting with Genesis and continuing all the way to Revelation, the book highlights some of the most important and compelling events from Scripture, culminating with Jesus’…

Amazon : The First Heroes Devotional


The pages are full-color and look like a comic book. My little guy loves to read graphic novels and comics, so the format makes it seem more appealing. I like that each “hero” is given a title and that each devotional contains a call to action. I received a free book; opinions shared are mine.…

Ashley Golden

Kids are really enjoying this devotional with me


This devotional takes readers through the Bible in a sequential order. Each devotion is two pages long. There is a summary of the person/people/event and is present with a Biblical belief and ideas for using it in your life. There are also scripture recommendations for additional research. The book is a bit modernized to reach…