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Janice Emmerson

Janice Bio

Janice Emmerson is a graduate in modern foreign languages, Janice dreamt of being a writer from an early age. She lives with her husband, Peter, in the beautiful city of Bath, where they met at university, and now have four children. She loves to travel with her family, and any free time left over from running around after her ever-active children is spent reading and going to the theatre.

As an accomplished bestselling author of The Complete Illustrated Children’s Bible, The Jesus Bible for Kids, and The Illustrated Bible for Little Ones, Janice’s interpretation of the Bible has proved to be a revelation for young readers, their parents, carers and spiritual leaders all over the world.

Janice’s melodic style of writing has captured the hearts of the faithful in delivering easy to understand text in the delivery of god’s word, that makes her a true favorite for Christians everywhere.

Janice Emmerson - BibleForce Consulting Author