Authors and Designers

BibleForce Bible and Devotional for Action and Adventure

BibleForce is the co-creation of Peter Hicks and Wayne McKay. The development of “The First Heroes” idea was a long held passion that was completed with the help of a wider team who were equally devoted to the delivery of God’s word in this meaningful way.

Peter, as the Christian Content Director, and Wayne, as the Denominational Consultant, are both successful publishers in their own right. They spent many months mapping out and working on the inspirational content so the meaning and delivery of God’s word appealed to everyone who would be reading and learning from this wonderful publication.

The First Heroes Bible was written by Consulting Author Janice Emmerson with the support of her editorial team consisting of Fraser Emmerson-Hicks & Mark Friedman. Both Fraser and Mark played an important role in researching and writing the text for various components of The BibleForce Heroes stories. Tama Fortner wrote The First Heroes Devotional focusing on the importance of devotion and hero training in the eyes of God. This wonderful book blends as the perfect companion title to The First Heroes Bible.

Janice headed up the creative team of artists and designers who worked tirelessly on the accuracy of the illustrations, the detail in the imagery and the communication of the message so nothing was lost.

The creation of BibleForce is a demonstration of God’s calling and the importance of teamwork in the delivery of God’s message to everyone.